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Empowering Financial Independence for Women

We specialize in assisting women in achieving organization, gaining financial control, and optimizing their wealth-building capabilities, allowing them to prioritize their careers and families with confidence. We are experts in helping women navigate through life transitions such as a divorce, the loss of a spouse, or a career change.

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Financial Planning for Women

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Building Wealth Takes Time

Building Wealth
  One Egg at a Time


As the Famous Golden Goose Fable Goes...

There was once a poor countryman who possessed a magical goose that would lay a beautiful, glittering, golden egg each day. Each day the countryman would take the golden eggs to market and he slowly began to build wealth.  However, he grew impatient because the goose would only lay one golden egg per day. He simply was not getting rich as fast as he wanted. So one day, after he had finished counting his money from the market, the idea came to him that he could get all of the golden eggs at once by killing the goose and extracting all of the golden eggs.  However, when the deed was done, he did not find a single golden egg, and his precious goose was dead. The lesson, of course, is that wealth building takes time and if you look for shortcuts you could end up "killing the golden goose."

At Golden Goose Wealth Planning we aim to help you maximize your wealth-building potential and keep you focused on the ultimate goal of providing yourself and your family a nest full of golden eggs while also enjoying life along the way.

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Women Looking to Build Their Wealth

Life is a juggling act, with the demands of family, career, and personal aspirations pulling you in different directions. At GG Wealth Planning, we specialize in bringing order to the chaos, helping you achieve financial organization and alignment. Let us guide you on a journey towards financial well-being, all while ensuring you have the freedom to check off those bucket list items along the way.

Women Working Through Life Transitions

Whether you find yourself navigating the challenging waters of grief, going through a divorce, embarking on a new career path, or embracing the joys of starting a family, we're here to assist you through life's transitions. Our role is to provide the support you need during these challenging times, helping you pick up the pieces and move forward with confidence.   

Women Striving to Achieve Financial Freedom

You've dedicated significant effort to reach this milestone. Don't allow the pressure of making numerous crucial financial decisions all at once overshadow this significant achievement. Let us assist you in orchestrating a seamless transition into retirement, ensuring you can fully enjoy this wonderful phase of your life. 

 Financial Planning Services

Wealth building involves more than just picking investments. At Golden Goose, we craft a personalized financial plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our recommendations span across all critical aspects of financial planning, ensuring your overall financial well-being. Check out the Golden Goose blog for current resources. 


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Student Loan Management


Tax-Efficiency Planning


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Estate Planning

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