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Wedding Embrace


Recently tie the knot or have your big day planned?

Congratulations on your nuptials! It's so important to start your marriage off on the right foot. One of the most common arguments couples have is about money. Each of us has our own unique experiences with money and value money differently. We have designed a course that helps couples discuss money in a safe environment.

Our newlywed's course is designed for those recently married or planning a wedding. During this course, we will review your money goals and create a plan between you and your partner to create an effective conversation around finances. 

First Time Home Buyer

First Time Homebuyers

Moving in together?

Congratulations on your new home! Moving in together is the natural progression of a relationship. Living with your significant other is an exciting time and you will learn so much more about one another.

Our first-time homebuyer class is designed to help couples navigate combining finances while still maintaining independence. In this course, you will learn about each other's money habits and how to communicate around money effectively. 

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